Getting your first pet can be a wonderful experience and it can also be a lot of fun. Pets can be amazing to have around and will give you years of unconditional love, joy and happiness. It has been noticed time and time again that homes with pets are happier, healthier and a lot less stressful because animals have a magical ability of making you happy even when things are low. This said however, adopting your first pet is also a very big responsibility. Adoption of a pet is more or less the exact same responsibility of having a child because the care that you will have to give your pet is identical. Getting a pet is a minimum eighteen year responsibility in the least and it is also a financial commitment because you will have to feed your pet and take care if his or her every need. Like a child, your pet will sometimes get sick and you will be responsible for your pet’s medical expenses and responsible for getting your pet to a vet on time just as you would with your child. If you would not neglect your child when he or she is sick, you should not do so with your pet.

Getting ready for your first feline

Before you bring your new fur baby home you will need to fix up and adjust your home to be pet friendly. You might need to get outdoor pet enclosures ready if you do not have a tall wall around your garden because in those first few weeks, your pet might feel afraid and might have a tendency to run away.

It is important that you secure your new pet from traffic or going on to the street. It will take a week or two, sometimes even a month for your new pet to get used to you. If you are adopting a cat, you can consider getting cat enclosures which will give your new fur baby the chance to move around and play without escaping and getting run over.

Animal abandonment

The sad truth is that animals are abandoned every day by owners who no longer want them or whose lives have changed in a way that they cannot accommodate an animal anymore. It is vital that you make sure that your life will be fairly stable for the next eighteen years or so and that you find ways of taking y our pet with you in case any changes do take place.