While you go away to work or to some party miles away from your home, you have no idea what Fluffy might be doing. He could be lazing around the house shedding fur in every corner or he could be meddling in the kitchen filled with knifes and other dangerous equipment. And since you have been owning Fluffy since you were ten you don’t really want him to die on you any time soon. And that is why it is important that you find professional cat sitters to take care of your loving Fluff ball, while you are away. Here are some things to keep in mind when finding the perfect sitters to look after Fluffy for you.

Meet up

Before picking any place of cat boarding Geelong it is important that you first meet up with the professionals. Talk to them and find out all that is relevant, in detail. These persons should also be concerned with getting your important details as well. Things like your contact details, the vet you visit, workplace address and such. This shows that they indeed take their job serious and that they are concerned for the wellbeing of your pet as well.

Visit Once you meet up with cattery experts of this place, it is essential that you request to have a look around the place. If they are hesitant on you doing so, then this is definitely a place you should never be looking at again. After all, if they are doing an honest and genuine job, there should be nothing to hesitate about.

Be wary of the stench

After bringing up Fluffy in nothing but luxury and comfort in a healthy and hygienic space, you definitely don’t want him to be exposed to dingy and unkempt places. And that is why it is important that you take a good whiff of the scent surrounding the place (no matter how weird it looks, sniffing the air). If it stinks of poop and whatnot, then this is certainly the worst place any pet could be kept in. No matter what the price you have to pay for this service, it is important that you find a good place or you’d rather simply leave Fluffy at home! So do explore all possible places offering these services and choose wisely!


Just because Fluffy is only a cat, he shouldn’t be forced and caged in to a small space and neither should the other animals as well. So when you are touring the place pay extra attention to the sizes of the cages these animals are kept in. After all you should be getting value for money you are spending on this service and that means proper living spaces should be allocated, even if they are only animals! Pick the perfect place for Fluffy to stay in after considering the above facts and guarantee the he has a peaceful and safe stay while you are away!