Dogs are indeed man’s best friend. Any dog owner would stand up and certify that this statement is true with proof. They hold a special place in your heart and is loved by almost everyone. Every dog owner wants the best for their dog. They want their dogs to live as long as they can and be healthy and strong throughout their life. Just like for human beings, a balanced healthy diet is very important to make sure that your dog stay healthy. There are certain food items that you can add to their diet to fulfill this factor. Following are some nutritious food that you can give your furry friend and their benefits.


This is one of the most common type of human food that is given to dogs around the world. Dogs, whether it is a King Charles Cavalier or a Rottweiler, love eating this type of mean and you can even mix it up with something else. Chicken is easy to find, cook and is not so expensive either. Cooked or raw chicken can be served to the dog but you should keep in mind that cooked chicken bones are extremely dangerous to be fed. This could be a lovely treat for your furry family member at home.


Just as it is healthy for human consumption, carrots are a great treat for dogs as well. Dogs, especially puppies, love eating carrots for its taste. You could include carrots along their main meal or offer it as a treat. Either way your dog will be getting a lot of nutritional benefits with its consumption. Carrots are rich with vitamin A and if you are in possession of a big dog you do not have to worry about the calorie count of carrots as this is a low-calorie vegetable. Therefore, this is a great treat for your dog regardless of its age.puppies


Dogs absolutely love eating pumpkin. It is rich with fiber and other vitamins. Pumpkin could be given to your dog if they suffer from a stomach problem or if you have noticed that they suffer from a sensitive stomach. Pumpkins could be given in its raw condition or cooked. Your dog will love it either way!


Unless your dog is suffering from a sensitive stomach or a lactose intolerant condition, your dog will never say no to a yoghurt. Yoghurts are rich with many vitamins and probiotics that help them grow and keep them healthy. Adding a yoghurt to their diet once in a while is a good practice to follow.

Therefore, adding the food types above to your dog’s diet will help your furry friend be healthy and live longer.