Grooming is really a vital aspect of maintaining the general well-being of dogs. Regardless of what breed of the dog you possess, grooming is necessary for all dogs to be it male or female. While there are some species that shed there are some who do not. Such dogs are required to visit a professional groomer after every 6-8 weeks.

Reasons for clipping

Dog clipping can potentially decrease the chances of several health problems such as scratches; thrush etc. and make the dog appear much lovelier and prettier. It is good for the general well-being of the dog and cam screen the dog’s general health by checking for any nicks and cuts, swelling, numbness in any parts that could indicate a major illness. It also helps to create a better bonding between the dog and his owner and reduce the infestation rate of fleas and parasites on the skin coat.

Equipment used for clipping

An expert dog grooming services at Belrose would require a few types of equipment to clean the dog from all sorts of undesired things.

  • Curry brush

This is a tool with short teeth made of plastic or rubber. It is rubbed over the dog’s coat to take off all dirt and excess hair and stimulate the skin to produce natural oils. These are commonly used for dogs that shed the heavy amount of hair. It is also used for detangling knots in ears, paws and tails of the dog. Using currycomb must be executed very carefully as it can harm the dog’s skin when pulled harder.

  • Shedding blade

This is of particular use for removing dead hairs from the harsh skin coats. It is made of metal with blunt, short teeth and is not used for cutting the hair.

  • Clippers

This is perhaps the most important tool for dog clipping at Newport and is used for removing or shortening the hair in sensitive areas of skin coats. Normally they are about 6.5 to 9 inches in length, which is longer than human hairdressing scissors. Some of them even come with a blunt tip to prevent any injury while clipping its hair.

  • Stripping combs

This is a tool that helps in grabbing the long hairs out of a harsh coat right from its root.

So clipping a dog before bathing is very important as it can remove the dead undercoat, allowing the water and cleaning shampoo to penetrate to the skin. Then the coat is combed properly applying a slicker brush on all parts of its body, especially legs and tail and the areas where knotting is common and frequent. Sometimes, a metal comb is also used for combing the intricate areas of the toe and space in between the toes.